Short Distance Moves, Still Risky

There is no such thing as a simple move, even if moving merely from one end of the city to the other.  Humans have a tendency to accumulate things and when packing find there are more objects that nobody remembers buying.  Even a small move becomes a big job.  Load and Go Removals will gladly assist in moving locally at an affordable price.


It is a common misconception to think that moving within the same city is easy breezy and nothing could go wrong.  In reality, anything can go wrong … from damaged furniture, items ending up at wrong destinations to movers becoming rude when asking for assistance.  Load and Go Removals cares about the client, the furniture and the move.  They can be trusted to do what they say and do so politely.  They offer everything needed to move; packing, loading, deliver to the new location, off-loading and unpacking all with the same care of high-priced movers.


A short distance move has hazards just like any move.  There is damage if packers don’t wrap properly to protect delicate possessions.  Flat screen televisions must be carefully wrapped and loaded vertically to keep them working.  Each piece of furniture must be covered with blankets and loaded strategically then strapped down to minimize movement in transit.  The driver must carefully drive down bumpy streets and go around the pot holes so that everything makes it without dents.  A good move doesn’t stop at the destination.


Professional movers will carefully place each box and piece of furniture in the designated room and set up big things like the beds.  Load and Go Removals provides a fast and efficient move at a low cost rate without cutting back on safety and quality.  They offer competitive pricing because they know clients are already paying to move into the new home or office so people need all the help they can get.


Low cost moving doesn’t have to be dangerous moving.  Load and Go Removals will move belongings following safe procedures at an affordable price with professionalism.  Everyone can trust them to provide quality service delivery whether it’s down the street or the other side of Cape Town.